Symptoms Of Chilly Sores

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The root cause of a cold sore is the virus known as the herpes simplex virus. There are eight types of this virus but only two of them are the ones which have been known to answer the question of why do people get cold sores. These types are the herpes simplex type 1 and 2.

For the most part, cold sores can best be described as small blisters, filled with fluid, and painful in almost every case. They're caused by the virus, and they're very contagious. Usually, there'll be some slight pain and tingling in the affected area 24 to 48 hours before one of these sores makes its appearance.

A recent study showed that more than 45 million people are affected by cold sores each year. The rate of this infection is high among Americans. Scientifically, it is caused by a virus called herpes treatment One in short HSV-1.

Some doctors will give oxygen treatments in their offices, and you can look online to find one in your area. However, you can also do your own oxygen treatments for herpes at home - with hydrogen peroxide.

Someone who contracts Herpes Simplex will continue to have the actual disease for the rest of their life. It will go through dormant stages when no outbreaks occur and then active stages where a person could have several outbreaks over a period of time. The key to a herpes cure is to find a way to treat an outbreak as soon as they form and not when they are in full-fledged outbreak.

The best effective cure for genital herpes just may be lysine. This is an amino acid that today's scientists feel may be able to slow the spread of the infection and the virus. Having the proper amount in your body can help keep this virus under control. Yogurt, beef, vegetables, milk byproducts and fruits are just some of the foods that should be added to a healthy diet to get the proper dose of lysine in your body. Avoiding certain things can also benefit you, such as nuts, grain cereals, soda and even chocolate.

Apart from that there is no symptom for this cold sore. As a result, the sufferer experiences a lot of pain and irritation. To counter it most of us, visit the nearest health practitioner who prescribes nothing but harsh medications and over-the-counter drugs.

The application of a tea bag over the cold sore can help. The tannic acid in tea is antiviral agent and can be an effective cold sore treatment. I have read that when the sore starts to crack and become open, warm moist tea bags bring healing blood to the wound.

The virus can lie dormant in the body: it is activated and causes problems when you are tired and stressed, and the immune system is weak. Then the virus sees its opportunity and begins to multiply. Viruses that cause colds and flu behave similarly. In fact, cold sores and the common cold have much in common (that's why the blisters are called 'cold sores'). In chilly conditions, the body works extra hard to generate more heat and keep its temperature constant at 36C. This puts a lot of strain on the body and, unless precautions are taken, you get run down and become more susceptible to cold and cold sore viruses.

But the natural approach basically makes your metabolism inhospitable for the virus and forces it to stay in remission deep in the nervous system. No risk of passing the virus along and no more Herpes outbreaks.


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